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BRING YOUR ‘A’ GAME by Eric Bailey.

For the past 20 plus years, Eric Bailey has motivated, inspired, and empowered over 3 million people in 12 countries around the world. Some of the top global companies, schools and organizations have turned to Eric for his passion, experience and knowledge. I had the privilege recently to photograph Eric for the cover of his new book, BRING YOUR ‘A’ GAME. The message within these pages is to Bring Your A-Game and make what magic you have within you work wonders. Anyone and everyone can lead a quality life through the power of will and a focus on achievement. Looking forward to receiving a signed copy of this book, sitting with a cup of green tea and accept more is possible.

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My work in South America for Expedia Travel

My 3 month South America assignment for Expedia was full of adventure, culture, food, history and landscapes. I have always enjoyed my 3rd world adventures above any of my travels but this amazing continent was seriously outstanding.  Here is the YouTube  video of Patagonia Vacation Travel.


I printed and hand bound a book of the ‘Horizons of South America.’ So often we take photos and don’t print them out of our adventures and journey’s and just life in itself. This book was entered into the AIPP awards this year where I received a silver for it.

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Carpe Diem – Sieze the Day my son

It is a wonderful feeling and yet very sad as well to watch your children grow up into amazing young men, work hard at University and then further their study abroad. Today I say goodbye to my eldest son who is studying (so he says) in Vienna. While I have been with him the past 2 weeks all I have heard is how stunning the girls are here. Hmmmm. Anyway I have encouraged travel with my boys so this adventure is exactly what I would hope he would do.

Going back to the Old Days with Baby Brian (Brisbane Eye on Photography)

This darling little boy was all dressed up as though he was going on the set of The Great Gatsby. This was the styling that his Mum had in mind and it sure worked well. I created a couple of simple set-ups with the ladder and the old hat box with a taxidermied duck to complete the look. I have used a couple of textures and washes to create this old vintage look.

‘Will to Live’ Brisbane Photographer Jan Ramsay from Eye on Photography

A few years ago I photographed a beautiful family of 6, Mum, Dad and 4 children all happy and healthy. The father, Matthew Ames has now written a book ‘Will to Live’ which tells of his amazing, courageous story in which he had his limbs amputated in the desperate attempt to stay alive. Certainly worth a read. Very inspiring man.

Beautiful winter days – perfect for a wedding.

You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to get married. The lighting was warm and perfect and just divine for Amy & Andrew. Hillstone at St Lucia is always a wonderful venue for ceremony and reception and the University of Queensland for location photos in between was amazing with the endless photographic opportunities. Ahhhh I love my job and the beautiful people I photograph. Such a happy day.

Fotografia Ślubna Gdańsk - July 17, 2014 - 1:42 am

I regret I cannot see more now, anyway you attracted me to look through your blog for more 🙂 Nicely done.

When the giving of a simple food like peas in the pod overwhelms you

When I see people begging on the streets I always try and give food instead of money. Recently in Varanasi we noticed this dear man who had no fingers or toes as a result of leprocy. A bacterial infection that can be immunised against Internationally for free. We had been eating some Peas in the Pod and decided to give him the rest of the bag. These 2 photos brought tears to my eyes. When given the bag of peas the gentle hand of a stranger touches him on the arm. Maybe this man and others with leprosy are never actually touched due to their disease. The second image taken- he brings the palms of his hands together (not fingers) to form a sign of gratitude. Such a simple thing to give but obviously so wonderful for one with so little.

EOP gratitude 1
EOP Gratitude 2

Varanasi. Nothing is wasted when it comes to the sacred cow. Travel Blog Wednesday.

Unfortunately there isn’t much grass for the cows to eat in Varanasi but they still provide a good amount of pooh (made up of the left over food that is thrown on the ground). As you walk along the Ganges you see rolled patties of cow pooh drying in the sun. It is turned and then stood on its edges to completely dry out. This is then used for starting and fueling their fires to cook their food. So resourceful.

Brisbane Portrait Photographer capturing the love and laughter of past clients.

I photographed Cameron and Bek’s stunning wedding day about 5 years ago then their first child came along. It was wonderful to meet up again and photograph their new little man. Now they have 2 boys and life is full of fun and laughter. Please don’t stop at just 2 children 🙂 I am loving watching and capturing your journey with your family.